The Alcohol Experiment

Would taking a drink after so long alcohol-free see me never looking back, or hopping straight back on that sober wagon?

Stress: what is it good for?

Stress: the intangible ailment of our generation. But what is the effect of long-term stress on health, business and well-being?

2018; the year I admit to depression

‘Bubbly’, ‘positive’, ‘a breath of fresh air’ – words that others have used to describe me this month. Scroll through my instagram or twitter feeds (@raggedgeorge) and you’ll see mostly upbeat, go-get-em posts from someone that probably looks to have being a grown-up sussed. By any account, I’m a glass half full person, taking the…

Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes

I haven’t blogged for a while. It’s not because I haven’t had anything to say – trust me, I’m rarely short of something to say. I guess I just lost my confidence.

Gotta hustle for that muscle – weight training for women over 40.

The smell hit me like a wall –¬†masculine, testosterone-filled sweat in an unairconditioned gym. I looked around – guys lifting weights, muscles flexing, grunting and exhaling as they pushed their bodies to finish that last, seemingly¬† excruciating¬†set. I nearly turned heel and left, it was all so alien and a long way from the sanitised…